Alan Memorial Tournament

The Alan Memorial Tournament was started to honor the memory of Alan Corral. He was truly loved and admired by everyone who knew him.

Since Alan Corral was a small child, he suffered from heart problems. His only dream was to play soccer. Soccer was where Alan was most happy.

Alan always had a ball at his feet. He was good-hearted and a positive leader. Alan was always looking out for his teammates.
Off the field, Alan was an excellent student who made his parents proud at all times. Alan’s parents often described him as a joy of a son who was very studious and responsible.

Alan was one of the original eight players that made up CASA FC. It’s an understatement to say he was an extremely talented soccer player. His drive to win, and to become a better player, and student, every day, was incredibly admirable.

Alan played for CASA FC from age 10 until his untimely death on the soccer field, moments after making what would be his last goal, at age 16.

CASA FC hosts the Alan Memorial tournament the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend in January of each year.
Please join us for this special event and support CASA FC's passion for continuing to grow that same unstoppable love for soccer in urban youth across the Denver Metro area.