CASA FC is committed to making youth soccer accessible for our urban families in Denver. We offer yearly (Spring-Fall seasons) scholarships on a need-basis for our players who show leadership and model our club’s values.

Below you will see the new process for applying for CASA FC Scholarships.

Process for Applying

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    Step One

    If you have not done so already, all interested applicants must first complete the CASA FC Scholarship Registration through LeagueApps.

    (Note: Families will not receive any information about their scholarship amount until after the scholarship closes.)

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    Step Two

    During the Player Placement process, each player will receive an offer email for their team assignment and must accept their team invitation and make the initial payment. The age group and level of the team will determine the total fees for the season.

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    Step Three

    All applicants will receive notice regarding the amount of their scholarship (or if they did not receive a scholarship). After receival of this email, all families will have one week to respond either: with their acceptance of the scholarship and a completed Payment Plan Information form, OR they need to respond with notice of their withdrawal from the program.

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    Step Four

    When the Payment Plan Information form is received, the scholarship will be applied to their account and the payment plan will be created to pay the remaining balance.

    *If the Payment Plan Information form is never received, the player will NOT be placed on a roster. *

Submitting Your Scholarship Application

You must fill out all sections of the CASA FC application form available below.

Once the deadline has passed for your age group/club team, there will be no way to apply for financial aid (this is all automatic). There will be no scholarships provided for Summer Camps or Tournaments.

If anyone joins the club mid-season, they cannot be guaranteed the ability to apply for mid-season scholarships due to budget limitations.

Download the Scholarship Application Form

You can download the application form here.

Complete all fields in the form and upload a picture of it onto the LeagueApps registration page, or you may email it to