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Colorado Athletic Soccer Academy Futbol Club (CASA FC) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization in Denver, Colorado. We are the state’s only Latino-founded and led organization offering authentic, inclusive and values-driven athletic experiences for youth ages 4 to 18. Our goal is to reinforce our players’ academic pursuits and to equip them with life skills needed to improve their chances to enter college. Our coaches, team managers, partners and sponsors join us in the belief that Investing in youths’ personal development will inspire skillful and compassionate future leaders of our communities.

CASA FC centers players’ individual needs and prioritizes their athletic development in a welcoming and inclusive environment they can call home. We provide access to top-quality competitive and recreational leagues and tournaments for beginner to elite athletes. We are well-known throughout the state and region for our teams’ competitive drive -- and our wins.

CASA's mission is centered on:

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    Providing youth with an improved quality of life via a safe environment they can call “HOME”.

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    Investing in youths’ personal development in order to inspire skillful and compassionate future leaders of our communities.

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    Strengthening family connections by integrating components into our programs that bridge parental involvement with youth activities.

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    Equipping youth with leadership and academic development opportunities and inspire their pursuit of advanced education.

CASA is also a full family experience. While our kiddos play, parents are provided with opportunities to understand the impact sports can play in their child's life and their college education. This includes bringing in speakers and community leaders who engage parents in learning about fitness, mental health, and nutrition as well as academic advancement for their child.

CASA FC isn’t just a soccer club, it’s your home. Join us!